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Broken Heart
Usually, people do misunderstand that a heart breaks only when one is betrayed or ditched by his/her lover or not able to get him/her. But this is not true.

Whether itís cheating by lover, failure in competition, unemployment, family-rejection, lack of money, loss in business, rape, demise of loved one, infidelity, divorce & numerous of other reasons, a heart breaks & pains not lesser to cope with. Meaning, anything whom heart is connected deeply with, when does not happen desirably, breaks heart very brutally.
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"Nobody supported me neither did my friends nor did my family ever. All are dead for me. I am living in the house all alone along with my parents & brother. I am here until I start earning. Let my time come & I will vanish far away from everyone’s sight where I could live in anonymity, a completely new life, devoid of each & everything related to past at all."

Aparajit, 27 years, OCD patient

"I love Ron, I love Ron, I love Ron only. We are one in two bodies. Is it enough Dad & Mom, should I say something more to make it clear?"

Tryne, 17 years, University student

"Dear Papa, I want to an actor not an architect. Why don’t you understand ‘Papa’ I am not your machine to be programmed as your wish. I am an individual, have my own distinct interest & temperament. Papa, your comments & expectations put undue pressure on me. Please don’t do this."

Karan, 16 years, XIth Student

"You dishonest, fraud, corrupt old man. I feel ashamed for being your nephew. My late father looked after you as his child rather brother. He made you self-reliant by investing his hard-earned money to establish you a business for your future & what you did in return, stabbed in back of his son. Shame on you Uncle."

Rajiv, 31 years, failed businessman

"God, don’t you dare come my life ever. I don’t want to hear your name. I hate you. I was fool to believe your all these false, exaggerated stories making innocent people fool for centuries. Those who discard you were smarter, recognized your real face. Good bye."

Hayden, 45 years, employee, England

"I have not lacked anywhere in bringing up my children. If my both sons couldn’t make a career for themselves, I can’t be held accountable for that. Even at 67, I am working & supporting them financially. Those who are poking their stinking nose in to my family matter, better mind their own business else their poisonous tongue be chopped off."

Ram Gopal, 67 years, Retired Ex-police officer

"I am being raped everyday by my maternal uncle who stays with us. He threatens to kill my mother if I reveal about this to anyone. It pains a lot but I can’t bear the pain of losing any of my parents. I love them more than myself. Can anyone hear me out & help please?"

Simone, 13 year old, student, U.S

"Boys, I know I am an unattractive girl whom you guys don’t feel to talk with. You want bubbly, flamboyant & happening girls whom you can have one night stand with. But, I am not that type. I am beautiful from inside. Is not there any boy who likes beautiful heart rather beautiful face?"

Michelle , 19 year old college student, London

"I am a gay. I am proud to be different. What should I be ashamed for. I am not hurting anyone. Let the whole world hear me very clearly “ I love to have sex with a man."

Gaurav, 29 years, I T professional

"I love my childhood friend’s sister who stays only two houses away from mine. I am afraid what would our parents think about us. Love is not a crime."

Tirumal, 21 year, Graduate

"Listen all you bloody out there, I am not going to be broken down by your comments & mal-intentions. I am a strong girl, can fight against entire world but not ready to bow down. So what, if I am not able to get married yet. You bozos better bother for your daughters & sisters."

Latika, 34 years, Finance consultant

"One day I will show all these bastards ‘What I am’. A night can hide even Sun but for a while only. These so called thankless friends are in illusion that this night is endless. Dear Morons, time will change & day will come when you would die to meet me but please have my kick on your butts in advance."

Sandy, unemployed, 30 years
Good Bye God
Celebrating Life

Although, I know my sperm count is ‘Nil’, even then put entire blame on my innocent, illiterate wife for not being able to produce a baby. Madhu, I am the sole reason for all your anguish in the past decade. 

Vimal, 35 years

I flew in my wife’s tears to hold my mother a thief for her diamond necklace missed from almirah. Mom, slap me hard.

Dinesh, 37 years

Once, while arguing with my father, I lost my control & hit him deliberately

Mohit, 29 year, self employed

Lisa, I don’t love you any more. I owe your pardon for ending our relationship abruptly after 3 years. I couldn’t resist myself from being drawn towards Monica. Sorry. 

Abraham, 27 years.

Once, when my newly married brother was out of town, I tried to sneak in his bedroom with mal-intention while my sister-in-law was fast asleep.

Vijay, 23 year, shopkeeper

God, I pretend to all, I m an atheist. Infact, I do believe You by heart & You know that. 

Dev, 45 years, Engineer

I do regret for not studying during my childhood & wander now as an illiterate unemployed person which is like a grazing animal.

Pascal, 46 year, unmarried

Although, my sister was being scolded by Dad in front of me for my act but I kept seeing the entire scene silently like a statue.

Romi, 17 years

I regret for loving my girl-friend now. My parents would never accept her at any cost. And I can’t agonize my parents for my happiness. I am her culprit.

Ashish, 27 years, M.B.A

I stole 500 bucks from my Mom’s purse & lied her very smartly.

Ricky, 12 years

I revolted in my home to pursue this animation-course to make a career & have paid a hefty fee. But, now I realize I have wasted my parents’ hard earned money.

Denish, 22 year, student

I hate my father for being so dominating. I abused him twice two days back & feeling ashamed of myself. I don’t know how he comes out right every time.

Vipin, 39 years, businessman

I deeply regret for worshipping this dead God everyday for years like every other fool.

Benjamin, 55 year, Teacher

I do suspect my best friend of stealing my boyfriend as she is more beautiful. I know I am wrong.

Linda, 14 year, student

I regret by my soul for being physical with my ex-boyfriend & cheating on my current boy friend who not only helped me in overcoming my break-up, love me so much too.

Kaira, 18 year, student

I find difficult to control myself after seeing my friend’s wife & do visit his home regularly to meet her actually.

John, 45 years,

I regret for falling in love with that girl who loved me as much as she loved my office-colleague. She played with both of us simultaneously like a toy.

Roni, 23 year, Graphic designer

Despite being able to help her, I didn’t help my unemployed college friend in getting her job in the same company I am working in. This is because I felt insecure that she would outperform me.

Veronica, Finance consultant

Sometimes, I do feel excited after seeing my sister especially when she wears shorts in home.

Vaibhav, 23yrs, Student

I am really very regretful for committing adultery. But I am not going to confess about my adulterous relationship with my wife’s younger sister. It will ruin our family.

Vijay, 39 years, self employed

I am very timid but do pretend as very brave & flamboyant in front of my girlfriend.

Rishi, 17 years,student

I feel jealous of my best friend because he is very good in studies & I do try to disturb her for not letting to study.

Alice, 22 years, Accounts student
Confession & Regret

   "Who feeds a hungry animal feeds his own soul"  ---Charlie Chaplin