About Me
Hi All,

This is your ‘Pain friend’. As there would be a ‘Pen friend’ whom you exchange letters with as a hobby but usually didn’t meet. Same way, I am your Pain friend whom you can share your pain with by exchanging e-mails primarily.

Friends we are sufferers. And I don’t have any inhibition in accepting that.
Actually, we are being killed by everyone, we are not killing anyone so, what is to be feeling embarrassed for.

It’s very easy to sympathize but equally difficult to empathize. We sufferers don’t need anybody’s unsolicited sympathy. If somebody wants to help us, just put himself/herself once in to our shoes & then see this world through our eyes.

We don’t need judges but the defense- lawyers. We don’t need such spectators who do, watch a movie, cry for a scene & retain it as long as movie-ticket is in their pocket. We need those who might not cry but feel that pain as theirs though for a while only.

Friends, I got to closely observe severe depression for a decade in a row during that tender age in which a teenager begins seeing his/her life with his/her own colorful eyes. But what I got to see was intense pain everywhere along with all its accomplices; rejections, humiliation, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual deterioration & collapsing careers.

It shook me in what ever possible way it could, succeeded in jolting me to its greatest strength every other day. Nevertheless, there was one thing which was never letting me to bow before it infact wanted to avenge back more & more with each blow. And this was ‘Empathy’.

Friends, I had lost but my inner voice always stood besides me unshakeable, though torn. It wanted me to get these sufferers their lost pride back & gradually began gathering my tiniest to reform me back with altogether new attitude, zeal and compassion to enrich me with a life time goal.

Self respect is the biggest driving force & has the capability to transform a ‘Sufferer in to a Surfer’. It teaches you to ride on same waves you would drown in earlier.

Friends, as it taught me the art of ‘how to surf on the turmoil waves rather getting sunk.’

I want to share the same art with you guys. It’s not that you can’t learn this art on your own; it’s just to cut short your suffering time & invest the saved time in reconstruction. Because, it always saves one’s time & energy while learning if being taught rather self taught.

Now the only difference between you & me is: You guys live in pain while pain lives in me.

Yours forever,

Pain Friend