Today, more than 90% people are with each other especially couples ( girl friend & boy friend) because they don't have any option. Not because of love but longing. They need a companion to be with. They know they are not with the right person even then keep continuing with it.

It's like you want to watch television as it’s in your habit to watch everyday. If nothing interesting is being telecast on any channel even then you will keep surfing from one channel to another channel again and again because you want to watch the television.

We become used to for it. Similarly, a girl/boy becomes used to for a so called lover whether he/she abuses, distresses as one is afraid if he/she goes away one will remain all alone in this world & where would one find another known person among the strangers of this cruel world.

But one forgets, that this abuser, cheater too was once a complete stranger. What's the point to consume your energy with that person you yourself know very well that you can't live with him/her for a long time & one day will want to get rid of him/her.

Its just like saving your hard earned money every month in your saving account which is in that bank which you very well know, has to be bankrupt one day inevitably with clearly announced 'no return policy'.

Innumerable couples have been dragging their relationships just because they are scared if he/she leaves me, I would be all alone & won't be able to find another boyfriend or girlfriend. Such illusioned lovers need to ask themselves following questions :

1.Are they really having someone who can stand besides them when they actually need them?

2. Can they live entire life like this with that person?

3.Are they really happy with this relationship or struggling to feel happy?

4. Aren't they waiting or praying for someone else who can replace this misfit person from their life, silently? 

If one knows the answers of above questions, then he/she will not have problem to do what one must do asap.

"Its better to live single for a while, rather being double & every day fight"