Celebrating Life

“A rose is not surrounded by thorns; thorns are surrounded by that rose.”
It depends upon the way we perceive. Each life is like a rose. Hundreds of thorns are weaker in front of one rose.

Life is pain, full of setbacks & innumerable heart breaks. You might find your life worthless, imposed burden to drag unnecessarily for no purpose.

But you don’t have any clue that your life is an inspiration for millions, can give one fresh air of, grit, strength & perseverance to inspire &, relief to expire.

Any life which succeeds in inspiring at least one other life is a legend. And surprisingly,

“Each life needs an inspiration & is an inspiration itself.”

Inspiration is of two types, one which we draw from famous lives (celebrities) to follow their footsteps & second where we get inspired from those lives, which have been suffering more than us with pain of higher degree & are still alive for our surprise as we couldn’t have imagined surviving in such pitiable condition.

For instance, until we enter in to a hospital, do consider ourselves the most unfortunate one to be suffering from that disease but as we enter & see, there are so many in this world suffering from more deadly diseases & are in more pitiable condition, our pain, despair, anguish decrease next moment.

Until we come to know about others’ pain, we consider ourselves world’s most unfortunate, helpless, deprived & saddest human being. It’s not because we felt good to see them in pain but because of having realized about our negligible pain size in front of theirs & still cribbing.

In this way, such lives become an inspiration unintentionally for us to fight back.

“Others pain kills our pain & others happiness kills our happiness”

Ironically it’s true. This is human tendency.

Every life is a dark mystery & long labyrinth which is an open challenge to the concerned survivor to crack. I believe, every human being is struggling in his life against

his own challenges which are unique.
The beauty of life is that others lives seem easiest & very own is toughest to live. It’s like others wives always look beautiful & benign than own.

But as said, “Don’t judge my path until you have walked my journey.

Actually, every individual is hit in that area he is weakest at, to handle.

If one is not physically strong, will get to do that work especially for livelihood which requires strong immunity & muscular strength.

If one is emotionally, mentally not very strong, will be put in emotional traumas at work place to be collapsed.

If one doesn’t have calculative mind set, weak in calculations, will get that work to do which requires calculative approach for survivor’s misery.

This is the strategy of life so that survivor loses the challenge at any cost & hands over the rein in life’s hand. Each survivor deserves a pat for enduring & creating synchronization with life to form a life –long bond in spite of all odds. Generally, only those, who have been managing good life materialistically, are considered as winner or fighters. But in my views, that individual who is living an austere life, losing at all fronts even then carrying it out, is stronger fighter so bigger winner.

For instance, the life of a laborer is not less inspiring than of an industrialist’s in any way. If you don’t think so, just see once how a laborer manages his one single day.

Human limit is unlimited. What we think is the end or threshold of human endurance is just the beginning actually.

There are so many inspiring personalities which are not famous, living an ordinary or sub ordinary life in anonymity among us in close proximity as our friend, acquaintance, neighbor or even a stranger whom we have never paid any heed to. These are though ordinary persons like us but extra-ordinarily.

But we do categorize ones success on the basis of size of achievement while one’s true success can be judged by the size of the obstacle.

Due to this misconception, our mind wants but is not ready to accept such ‘extra-ordinarily ordinary’ human being as someone to look up to learn, follow & practice.

The person who in spite of being deprived of all the basic necessities could establish a small business is more successful than that person who established a big business while having every kind of back-up.

Usually, we look up to celebrities as an inspiration which is good but first, we often get doubtful about their struggle story’s authenticity as they say “when one becomes big, an exaggerated legend walks ahead of him”, & second, our determination & will power seem very small to work with in front of their current larger than life persona. Nevertheless, we keep going on as do have inhibitions for not following an ordinary person among us.

Therefore, its is always more practical & spontaneous for a layman seeker like us to identify with such ‘extra-ordinarily ordinary’ human beings as they are closer & have struggled/are struggling in the same social strata like ours.

So, I invite all such fighters, survivors who have given/ been giving life equally tough time in dealing with themselves, to share their life struggle-story with the world via ‘Brokenhearthelpline.com’ in order to inspire millions of others who are desperately seeking someone like themselves as an realistic inspiration to look up to.

If you guys have ever come across to such fighters, please share their inspiring life story (after their consent only, please see disclaimer) with this world via us.

And if you want answer of any of your question straight from the horse’s mouth (any of these survivors), you are most welcome. For that, do write at: celebratinglife@brokenhearthelpline.com

Remember your life is an inspiration.

Below is a small collection of all such short auto/biographies which manifests again & again the beauty of life, the prowess of life.


These are not fictional stories infact real; some might have names & places changed. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental. This website is meant for ‘serving people’ only & doesn’t intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect or religion. Every kind of views, description, instance expressed in any story are solely sender’s only & don’t reflect website’s view. This website is mere a platform to show them with the intent of helping people so can’t be challenged for their authenticity & credibility & can’t be held for any damage happens to any one by any means.

Will Power With Ph1

                                              "The Lady with Acidic Will power"

Ravi Is Godsend

                                                                The man who sells tea along with help

The man who won the Medical Oscars

                              "He is not the doctor of Medicines only, but of Mankind"

                                     Great Work Dr. Ravikant!

Rags to Riches

"The journey of SHIVA from being a news paper hawker to IIM Calcutta"

                            Salute Shiva!


Mrs. & Mr. Amreek Saighal

3/11/1981, 3rd day after marriage, her husband, a chemical engineer, aged 25 years, a handsome, fair complexioned, 5 feet 6inches average build man rejoins his job 10 days before his sanctioned marriage leaves due to some imperative company’s project as a loyal dutiful employee happily.

Life has just started for Seema whose eyes don’t have enough space to accommodate all of her colorful dreams which she has been weaving since months about her newly married life. As Amreek leaves for office after kissing her forehead, she feels herself th

Umesh 'An ardent Shiva devotee'

He couldn’t beat medical entrance competition examination (M.B.B.S entrance) but was privileged to be born in a well to do family. He was youngest among four brothers so was everybody’s eye-candy too. Usually, youngest sibling is more lovable & cared thus more vulnerable than other siblings in a family.

His father got him enrolled in M.B.B.S course in a medical college by using evergreen money & power.

Keith 'The Genius'

What could, a sixteen year old boy, a science student of XIIth standard, do whose bed-ridden ailing father dies after a chronic illness of ten years, & has got two elder sisters of marriageable age to take care of.

Such boy would go insane. Ten years of chronic illness doesn’t take only family’s peace but every penny also.

Rachit 'The Phoenix'

Everyone needs a fix for the broken heart. Right from my childhood it broke numerous times.

I remember as a kid I always aspired to be a cricketer although as a child I was not intelligent enough and like most kids I hate studying to my limits of hatred for anything. My first heart break happened when my parents forbade me to join a cricket club

Anish 'The Fighter'

I was born and raised in a small town of Bihar, where I lived till the winter of 2002(10th standard). I made the decision to move to the capital of India much to the chagrin of my parents. I moved to New Delhi & settled for studies in South Delhi-Munirka & Katwaria-sarai.

I attended ‘Joseph Martin Sarvodaya School