Confession & Regret
Regret----> Confession---> Repair
Confession is not a sin. It might be of a sin. Everybody does confess before oneself but very few are brave enough to confess before others. Confession imparts courage, a clear conscience & makes one a better appealing human being.


Please note: Make your confession or regret in not more than 50 words & submit yourself at


  1. Although, I know my sperm count is ‘Nil’, even then put entire blame on my innocent, illiterate wife for not being able to produce a baby. Madhu, I am the sole reason for all your anguish in the past decade. 

    Vimal, 35 years

  2. I flew in my wife’s tears to hold my mother a thief for her diamond necklace missed from almirah. Mom, slap me hard.

    Dinesh, 37 years

  3. Lisa, I don’t love you any more. I owe your pardon for ending our relationship abruptly after 3 years. I couldn’t resist myself from being drawn towards Monica. Sorry. 

    Abraham, 27 years.

  4. God, I pretend to all, I m an atheist. Infact, I do believe You by heart & You know that. 

    Dev, 45 years, Engineer

  5. Although, my sister was being scolded by Dad in front of me for my act but I kept seeing the entire scene silently like a statue.

    Romi, 17 years

  6. I stole 500 bucks from my Mom’s purse & lied her very smartly.

    Ricky, 12 years

  7. I hate my father for being so dominating. I abused him twice two days back & feeling ashamed of myself. I don’t know how he comes out right every time.

    Vipin, 39 years, businessman

  8. I do suspect my best friend of stealing my boyfriend as she is more beautiful. I know I am wrong.

    Linda, 14 year, student

  9. I find difficult to control myself after seeing my friend’s wife & do visit his home regularly to meet her actually.

    John, 45 years,

  10. Sometimes, I do feel excited after seeing my sister especially when she wears shorts in home.

    Vaibhav, 23yrs, Student

  11. I am very timid but do pretend as very brave & flamboyant in front of my girlfriend.

    Rishi, 17 years,student

  12. I feel jealous of my best friend because he is very good in studies & I do try to disturb her for not letting to study.

    Alice, 22 years, Accounts student


Regretting is the first step towards reconstructing the damage done. So, its creation not destruction as misunderstood widely. It gives one the courage to go for second -step that is Confession.

  1. Once, while arguing with my father, I lost my control & hit him deliberately

    Mohit, 29 year, self employed

  2. Once, when my newly married brother was out of town, I tried to sneak in his bedroom with mal-intention while my sister-in-law was fast asleep.

    Vijay, 23 year, shopkeeper

  3. I do regret for not studying during my childhood & wander now as an illiterate unemployed person which is like a grazing animal.

    Pascal, 46 year, unmarried

  4. I regret for loving my girl-friend now. My parents would never accept her at any cost. And I can’t agonize my parents for my happiness. I am her culprit.

    Ashish, 27 years, M.B.A

  5. I revolted in my home to pursue this animation-course to make a career & have paid a hefty fee. But, now I realize I have wasted my parents’ hard earned money.

    Denish, 22 year, student

  6. I deeply regret for worshipping this dead God everyday for years like every other fool.

    Benjamin, 55 year, Teacher

  7. I regret by my soul for being physical with my ex-boyfriend & cheating on my current boy friend who not only helped me in overcoming my break-up, love me so much too.

    Kaira, 18 year, student

  8. I regret for falling in love with that girl who loved me as much as she loved my office-colleague. She played with both of us simultaneously like a toy.

    Roni, 23 year, Graphic designer

  9. Despite being able to help her, I didn’t help my unemployed college friend in getting her job in the same company I am working in. This is because I felt insecure that she would outperform me.

    Veronica, Finance consultant

  10. I am really very regretful for committing adultery. But I am not going to confess about my adulterous relationship with my wife’s younger sister. It will ruin our family.

    Vijay, 39 years, self employed