Friendly Warning: Those who have not had their heart crushed between circumstances ever & have                               not found life impossible to live yet, will waste their precious time in this home.
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“This helpline is dedicated to all those ‘Unfortunate De-motivated, Depressed, Dejected, Suppressed, Low-confident, Abandoned, Frustrated & Rejected hurt souls, being crushed in this cruel world every moment.”
“Give me your pain, it can’t trap you again”

It’s an open invitation to all kind of broken hearts to give me their pain.

My dear Friends, I am your ‘Pain-friend’. Share your pain with your Pain friend; I will give you if not pleasure at least
power to kill that pain.

Let’s become pain-killer & kill your pain together.
Why this helpline : Other help-lines will drop you in public at their mercy to be advised irresponsibly while ‘Broken heart helpline’ will take your pain as its own, individually, work with you friend meticulously until your pain vanishes away.

Before we start beating this pain out of our life, we need to know, where its home is & how did it (parasite) manage to infiltrate our life.

Origin of Pain

We are neither a ‘Saint’ nor a ‘Super human’. We are an ordinary human being, so will desire. We get hurt if we don’t get what we long for & nothing is wrong in it.

Life is practically a journey of fulfilling desires, meeting one chasing another. Actually, these are the desires which impart us a reason to live, a meaning, a rhythm to life or I must say “A life to life”.

From the time we got hold on our being, we have been striving only to get our desires fulfilled either directly or indirectly. Whether a kid, child, teenager, adult or old person, everybody desires & works for it respectively.

Everyday we desire small-small things like having desirable breakfast, lunch, dinner, mandatory formalities & compliments, appreciation at workplace, reading good books, wandering with friends, watching movie, buying good clothes, visiting good place & much more which do or don’t get realized, since these are small ones so their impact is not substantial. Such desires blossom with day & which are not fructified do wither with night.

But there are some specific desire/s which are very precious for us & are nurtured in heart for months, year/s for that D-day everyday. These are called ‘Dreams’.

It is the brightness & fragrance of our dream which reflects in eyes, face & delivers exuberance to our personality.

A dream deprived person is like a car without fuel. Car is dragged without fuel so is life without dream.

A dream is life’s powerhouse, keeps supplying one sufficient amount of energy indispensable to sustain life.

As one grows up, one’s age, exposure (encounter with different situations), experience (outcome of exposure), priorities & responsibilities change constantly so is the dream.

Like a three year old kid dreams of going out with parents in park to play everyday, but when eight, dreams of possessing a bicycle, when fourteen, dreams of making that girl his girlfriend at any cost, when seventeen, dreams of cracking the competition examination to secure a career then wants to marry a dream partner whom life could become bed of roses with, & having a decent bank balance along with a nice independent house before planning a baby & so on.

Although, the dream transforms from one to other but one thing which remains unchanged is Dream itself, its immortality. A dream infuses life in life, without it, one is dead being alive.

If we observe our life minutely, would reach to a conclusion that we have been continuously chasing our dreams (mostly self-designed or imposed) one by one incessantly & literally living in dream for dream.

Dreams are of two types:

1.) What we expect/desire from ourselves only like I dream of being a successful actor, cricketer, doctor, engineer, singer, painter, designer or an architect.We expect a lot from life & nothing is wrong in it, such expectation & working for that is ‘Personal dream’.

2.) When we expect/desire from others like I want him to be my boyfriend, I want my wife be understanding & loving, I want to see my son a pilot one day. Such dream which is associated with other person specifically & depends upon his/her discretion & performance to come true is called ‘Inter-personal dream’.
“Where there’s a life there’s a dream”
So, a dream drives our life or our life is not self-driven but dream-driven.
Friends, problem begins when our dream being nurtured over years gets crushed in a moment, it kills us, breaks our heart in to pieces. Life comes to a halt all of a sudden, seems meaningless, an unliftable burden.

Whether it’s a 15 year old teenager or 50 year old man, both suffer the same intensity of heart-ache when get ditched by their lover. Only difference may be in reaction depends upon one’s maturity, exposure & experience. Isn’t it?

A broken heart doesn’t bleed, screams in silence, its sighs can be heard not by ears but by a compassionate & considerate heart which is rare to find today.

There are innumerable reasons for a heart-break. Life is so damn unpredictable, it hits one exactly, at that spot specifically where one is weakest at, very shrewdly and it keeps on hitting until we lose all hopes.


Usually, people do misunderstand that a heart breaks only when one is betrayed or ditched by his/her lover or not able to get him/her. But this is not true. Whether it’s cheating by lover, failure in competition, unemployment, family-rejection, lack of money, loss in business, rape, demise of loved one, infidelity, divorce & numerous of other reasons, a heart breaks & pains not lesser to cope with.
Meaning, anything whom heart is connected deeply with, when does not happen desirably, breaks heart very brutally.

But, when a heart-breaks because of loosing a living being by any means like betrayal by lover, losing lover under family pressure, infidelity, divorce, demise of loved one or a pet etc, it hurts uniquely and differently.

In all others means( when no other living being is involved), we don’t communicate or it always remains a kind of monologue i.e. one sided communication, but in case of a living being, it is a dialogue, we do interact with that living being which is always new, original & creative that’s why pain is different.

Losing a beloved human being or animal is always a traumatic experience because a living being reciprocates unlike things or goals.

For instance, I lost my dream of becoming a cricketer or having a Mercedes car, its heart breaking but with a monologue. The cricket or car never spoke to me, laughed or cried with me but my girl friend laughed, cried, shared with me her life, this kills every moment & makes the pain different but not more or less.

“Each heart-break may be different but not necessarily more or less painful than others.”

Spirit Break

It’s not always that a ‘heart- break’ is due to these tangibles only.
When a broken heart, doesn’t heal up after praying to GOD passionately for a considerable period of time &, continues to pain more and more then it leads to further damage called as “Spirit-break”.

Spirit- break shakes ones implicit ‘religion- faith-foundation’ & leaves one more vulnerable. It’s the advance stage of heart-break to make ones condition more deplorable & then one begins to drift away from theism towards atheism.

Friends, this drifting away from God is further discussed in the section Spirit break ( Oh God! Gimme A Break.)

            Heart Break Spirit break

As no medicine whether Ayurvedic, Unani, Allopathic or Homeopathic or any other, can get one rid of any disease permanently, until one makes significant changes in previous life style to avoid all those disease causing factors. For instance, a person might recover from constipation after appropriate medication but will not take long to contract it again if doesn’t rectify his eating & sleeping habits primarily or the responsible factors.

Similarly, a discussion, suggestion, an opinion or catharsis can provide a relief but for the time being only, the problem can’t be eradicated until one changes one’s ‘Psyche’ because it has been proved inefficient, obsolete now, requires an upgrade by healthy attitude towards life with open mind & heart.

As healthy body needs healthy life-style which includes yoga ,meditation, work –out accompanied with balanced diet, healthy life needs ‘healthy - attitude’ which includes ‘Spiritual approach’ to make life impervious to any pain. Since as said,

                                       It’s your ATTITUDE, not your APTITUDE that determines your ALTITUDE.

What is spiritual approach & how it makes life insulated to any pain, is discussed in the section referred as “Oh God! Gimme A Break