Yes, I am a Gay, live & let others live

I am a gay, not a patient of Leprosy, AIDS or Gonorrhea.

I am as normal as you are. If you guys love opposite sex that doesn’t give you an authority to hold me wrong.

If I love same sex is not a danger for society. I am not considered a ‘Guy’ but a ‘Gay’ as have come from some different inferior planet.

How can I have qualms from outer world when my own family has not accepted me yet? Each year, I have to remind parents ‘I am a gay’ & they say ‘You can still marry a girl no'.

Ever since, Indian law has accepted sex between gays as non-criminal in 2009 under I.P.C section 377, things have changed only in papers not people’s mind.

We are still considered as intruders, unsolicited, unwanted living beings who by mistake have got human body to reside in.

Life of LGBTs ( Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgenders ) is hell in this so called civilized society of human beings where one human being is treated worse than an animal by another human being. I reject such society.

I am a reason for my parents’ shame. They don’t know how to disclose this among relatives. With every year, society increases pressure on them for me to marry, their condition is being very miserable after giving false excuses repeatedly.

“I don’t know God has punished us for which mistake. It would have been better if we didn’t have a child rather him” my Daddy’s such words keep echoing in my mind every time.

I don’t understand who is wrong, me, my parents or God. I have been a burden on every one. This world is not meant for us. We are absolutely misfit in this world.

If I go out, people behave as I am jinxed, don’t let their children speak to me, while in home, I am a curse of their bad-Karmas. If I end this so called weird life, I don’t think any one would be sad, infact it will be an escape for so many people who are related to me, their prayers will be answered.

What is the meaning of my life? God, why did you give me birth in such a world not meant for me?

I can’t dress up, speak, and behave the way I want. Every moment, I have to show what I am not. It feels I am a joker who has to act as others want to see

When I don’t expect any favour from anyone, why do they expect from me so much for.

I want to live my life not others.