Dream to become a wife is a dream forever

Being an energetic, ambitious software professional, when everything was going fine, I was, doing great in both personal, professional front &, about to get married in next six months, I had the biggest blow of my life.

One Sunday, after taking bathe, while drying my hair in front of mirror, I noticed a small white patch on inner side of my neck. I was petrified & without letting anybody know ran to a dermatologist who diagnosed it a disease called as “Vitiligo”. This is almost incurable disease where de-pigmentation of skin starts anywhere all of a sudden which keeps spreading & eventually engulfs entire body & makes one’s skin extremely white.

Since, these small two three patches were not visible to anyone yet, I was praying to God to heal this deadly disease up there only. I couldn’t have afforded this disease for a long time as my marriage-date was not very far & there was a huge risk if boy side came to know about it ever since we would reside in the same area.

So, to avoid any such possibility, I consulted to the specialist of another city.

I was having the best treatment, spending money like water to get rid off this as soon as possible. My parents were equally tensed providing me full support both financially & emotionally. With the grace of God & parents’ wishes, in 2 months only, treatment showed its effect & those white patches which were earlier enlarging had now begun being squeezed & getting darker with each week to match up with my original skin shade faster than my anticipation.

I thanked God millions times for being more than kind.

Marriage preparations were picking pace with each day now as I wanted to get everything done well before on time. I was in a boutique, giving final trial to my bridal-dress with the help of designer who pointed out some sort of skin allergic spot on the upper side of neck. My heart skipped a beat; I tried to remain calm but couldn’t, ran away from that place. Life had come to a halt all over again.

Each step was towards home was killing me thousands deaths. I told everything to my parents for their plight. My Dad asked to me to reveal about everything to the boy side but my mother was not in this favour.

“No body will marry a girl suffering form such disease. Let marriage happen, we would get such a bridal dress stitched which will cover the patches up to your neck & rest will be managed by make-up & foundation.

Later you pretend this to boy as you too noticed them first time” were my mother’s words which scared & galvanized me at the same time.

It was still one & half month left, we decided to see the result of medication for another 15 days & then make the final decision whether to reveal or not.

In next fifteen days, I did whatever I could do, fuelled all my savings which I dreamt to splurge in honeymoon, to get quick result but to be more torn only.

I couldn’t have borne this burden anymore & one night as we both would talk regularly, I disclosed him about it.

He was shocked quite obviously, was not sure what to do, wanted to discuss with family but his optimistic words were great help “Baby, It can happen to anyone. What if it had happened after marriage, so don’t worry, let’s consult to best cosmetologist.”

When I told about it to my parents, my dad supported me for my honesty & boy’s maturity & we were now waiting their reply.

Although, we would speak every night but he didn’t receive my call for next 4 days & on fifth’s morning, he called me up.

“Siya, It can happen to anyone but why should it happen with my wife. Sorry, we have decided to break the alliance” were his last words I heard ever after.

He didn’t break the alliance; he broke me, my confidence, my faith, my parents, my family, my world just before 17 days of my marriage.

11th Oct’11, Today would have been my marriage, if if if………………………………

My heart is being ripped apart, dream to become a wife has been crushed forever with a white spot appeared on my nose today.

I am living for my parents, they are for me & why are we three living is the question we ask everyday but to ourselves only not to each other.