Life with out her is impossible

Her phone sounds busy whenever I call her in night unlike earlier. Every time I ask, she always gives me illogical unacceptable reasons which further make her stand dicey.

Now, she doesn’t care about me, whether I am angry or sad, it doesn’t affect her at all. She takes me for granted, knows very well that she is my weakness.

I feel I am an unwanted, a burden in her life which she is not being able to get rid of.

Losing love is painful but seeing your love with someone else is penetrating, but seeing your love happy with another guy rips you apart every second.

I am, getting emotionally drained every day more than previous day &, afraid, one day I will remain mere a walking dead person with no emotions.

I have cried for her in nights, she knows that but in vain. Earlier she would pick my call but now she ignores me very brutally, cuts my call.

I can endure all pain but my family is tremendously distraught due to my pathetic condition & annoying behavior. My studies have shut; I know I am going to fail in my M.B.A final year examinations.

Nevertheless, I can’t imagine my life with out her.