Papa, I am nothing without you

Papa, I am nothing with out you. My life ended on that day when you left me all alone in this butcher- world.

Son, you don’t worry till the time I am alive, this world can’t touch you with out your permission.” used to be his words whenever I felt despondent.

His words would wash away my all worries in next instant. He used to love me most among all siblings. He was my best friend & true confidant.

I had never seen this side of world which is so harsh & rude. He never let this side to touch me.

I can’t tackle this world with out him. I don’t feel myself capable enough to survive without his guidance.

What do I do now? I am weak; he was the strongest supporting pillar for me.

“You don’t have to worry much because of having a sound financial condition & elder brothers. Just focus on your studies.” is the sentence said by everyone.

Can money pat on my back if I score maximum marks in maths? 
Can money wipe my tears out if my girl friend ditched me down?
Can money go out to watch movie with me?
Can money plan a surprise B’day party for me?
Can money swim with me in swimming pool?
Can money play chess with me to loose every time?
Can money teach me how to drive car?
Can money put 1000Rs more in my pocket with out letting my mother know while leaving for an excursion with friends?
Can money play with firecrackers with me on Diwali?
Can money sleep with me when I watched a late night horror movie?
Can money wake you up on examination day when your alarm failed to do so?
Can money drape you blanket fallen on floor in the wee hours when you are sleeping coiled due to cold?
Can money switch off your room light which you left on after falling asleep while studying?
Can money come to know about your fever before you?
Can money drop a tear when you met an accident?
Can money give you a hug???

Papa, please come back otherwise I will be crushed in this cruel world.