I am good for nothing

I feel to end my life as everybody disrespects me. I am considered “good for nothing”.

What ever I do initially seems quite promising but later evolves as complete disaster. I have tried total fives types of business for wasting a hefty amount of hard earned money of my father. I have been struggling to make my devastated career for the last 10 years but for further damage. All my peers, friends have grown much ahead in life, settled for years, where I have to start everything from scratch again & again. I am now more than 15 years behind them.

What can I do if nothing favors me neither my luck nor hard work. I have been tagged as jinxed & called as “Panuti

My Daddy doesn’t want to hear any business proposal of mine anymore. Infact, he and family don’t give me a damn if I give my opinion on any issue now. I have been proved an incompetent, incapable shirk openly.

I have realized this very clearly if you are not able to earn money your own family discards you and wife is that first person to do so.

Are they wrong? I don’t think so. Had I been their place, would have behaved same way perhaps. Life belongs to winners, begging belongs to losers.

I will not be able to stand for long time; I would love to die rather begging every penny from my father.

At 31, when my friends have managed individual flats of their own, I am struggling to buy a fan.

Asking money for even smallest thing does rape my self-esteem & I don’t have any option except being raped everyday.