Rape is murdering the entire humanity for that helpless girl

I wish I were an ugly girl but this cruel God made me beautiful very beautiful to be targeted among all.

Only, I was picked up by those four demons among all in group of total twelve colleagues & friends. My fault was I was the most beautiful among us.

I kept crying for help but none of them dared to fight against them in front of knives. What grudges can I have from public when my own friends showed such cowardice?

I was such a fool considering all those chickens my friends, myself safe with them in night although my Dad asked me to avoid late night party if possible, on that fateful day, my birthday. I didn’t give him a damn & paid a huge price.

I ask to these marshmallows “Would they have acted the same way if it were their sister or mother at my place?”

Nobody is your friend in this world where only two types of men exist, one who want to eat woman & other who are fed by woman.

I don’t think I can trust on anyone now in my entire life

I will not kill myself for the offence of others but can’t forget this inhuman act ever. It has given those wounds on my soul which will, never heal up &, always remind me how unfortunate it is to be born as a girl in this world.

My heart has become a stone, doesn’t feel anything. Every man seems me the same sub-human.

Rape doesn’t do much except ‘murdering the world for that helpless girl’. I know one thing only “there is no human this world”...