Oh God! Gimme a Break


Oh Please, that’s enough. God, God God, I don’t believe You.

Some times, the damage during a heart break doesn’t remain up to heart only; it crosses the forbidden line & tears our ‘Spirit’ apart.

Such helluva persistent pain has to defeat our every endeavor & prayer to be finally able to attack the spirit.

Usually, we human have a spontaneous protocol to deal with any prolong adverse situation.

First we put our best efforts to cope, when it doesn’t work, efforts are accompanied by prayers. If it too doesn’t work, we are no longer able to put an effort as we don’t know to apply which effort specifically then. This helplessness leaves one with negligible amount of hope & confidence.
This is heart –break point.

Our faith is now shaking every moment for not getting any respite in spite of praying days & nights.
Now, prayers are left as the only ‘hope & effort’ to save the soul. And, when it fails too for further plight, our faith collapses & soul is crushed.
This is Spirit- break point

Whichever religion we are of, we do get programmed to follow the above protocol inadvertently while growing up.

God is our ultimate hope, a panacea.

When things don’t turn out the way we wanted them to after working, praying & suffering so hard days & nights, we start doubting our own potential or losing faith in ourselves. But God is standing besides us as a solid rock.

When it keeps repeating again & again, one setback follows another consecutively, breaks our heart. But God is still standing besides us as a solid rock.

But when one heart break succeeds another, while intensity of prayer is increasing with each jolt over a period of time, breaks our soul. Then first time we realize God is actually a stone-dead rock.

God, do You exist? If You were, it won’t have happened with me.

Have I been living in delusion only?

God, why are You for when can’t help us?

When we have to suffer our karmas inevitably, what’s your work then?

Do You help only those who do make others lives a living hell?

I never harmed anyone even then every time only I was targeted, why?

God, shame on You, I have been worshipping You since birth & this is what You gave me in return.

God, You are dead not Dad. Atheists are living in heaven & we are in hell.

Oh God! Gimme a break. Leave me alone. Get the hell out of my life.

Now, such questions & thoughts keep haunting our mind which we couldn’t dare to ask ever before.

To answer all such questions & listen all our grudges, Friends, God err I mean good news “GOD IS BACK”.

We don’t have to do much, just write an “Email to God”containing our query, comments & send it directly to askgod@brokenhearthelpline.com

Although, the roots of religion are very deep & old in our subconscious mind, bound with faith –soil tightly & are shaken to be uprooted time to time by various setbacks (small & big) of life but remain intact until threshold amount of pain-shovel digs them out.

When pain keeps multiplying with each consecutive setback, with no relief gaps, for a prolonged period of time, it crosses the threshold level with a decent margin, unearths these roots eventually & throws sufferer at the border line between ‘Theism & Atheism’.

Such broken heart & crushed soul are left with hatred only for his God as feel duped after offering so much respect, love & time to this deaf & dumb God.
In such situation, mostly, a sufferer loses trust in his religion entirely, becomes an atheist with a confusion resides in him forever between ‘either, there is no God, mere human- illusion since ages or God is good for nothing, a biased, inconsiderate entity, starved of being worshipped only.

Why should I worship this God when He can’t get rid me of my pain?
I was being fooled for years by everyone about the existence of non-existent.
Everybody consoles me “It’s your destiny, result of your sins. Your karmas decide your agony & ecstasy.” I ask to all such commentators “When I have to eat fruit of my Karmas only as per my destiny then who the hell this God is for?

But very rarely, a sufferer goes through an entirely new realization about his religion & God. Until now, he had been, seeing the things through others’ eyes, carrying the baggage fastened on his psyche by others, learning by reading others’ experiences rather by his own, since birth. Means, he was being programmed to be like them (their religion) rather getting a chance of finding & creating his own individuality.

But now, a new individuality is taking shape, after breaking all the old myths & beliefs’ barriers confining his “Psyche” since birth, by scrutinizing them one by one with fresh, unbiased approach of not only his own but other religions also.

This leads to the evolution from Sanity to Spirituality.


You must have come across a term now a days flowing every where as a new fashion statement & that is ’Spirituality’. It is one the most misunderstood term. People usually associate it with religion. More pious one is, more spiritual he is, is the general perception.

On the contrary, to be a spiritual person, you don’t need be a pious infact; an atheist can reach to the heights of spirituality.

When a person considers himself, a human being only rather, of a particular cast, creed or religion & treats every other person in this world as human being only like himself, he is spiritual.

An illiterate beggar can be as spiritual as an IITian billionaire.

But it doesn’t mean that a religious person can’t be spiritual.


Every religion is a way of living in a particular customized way like studying in a particular university.

Two friends are studying exactly in the same medical course but in absolutely two different, equally acclaimed giant universities, each having its own historical set norms, protocols, a specific pattern, line of thinking for years.
With in stipulated time period, two medical graduates are prepared & get employed in the same hospital.

What is the difference between them?
Who will be the superior doctor?

Can we know with out visiting both? No, we can’t judge their potential on the basis of their universities’ names. To have an idea about their talent respectively, we must need to visit both of them.
Then how are we able to judge a person, whether he is good or bad, without knowing him individually, just on the basis of his cast, creed or religion?

Who is superior doctor will depend upon ones own hard work, innate talent & perseverance. The universities have taught them same thing/s but in their own distinct way. So, both might have different style of treating patients but ultimate goal is to serve the patient.

Similarly, generally all the religions do teach their followers the same thing/s but in their signature style respectively. So, two followers might have different way of living but goal is to serve the humanity & maintain harmony.

The same university produces ‘best & bad’ doctors. Just think how it is possible if university is best then all the students too must be best doctors only & if university is bad then all the doctors must be bad doctors. University does shower its best on each student with out any discrimination; it’s up to students how they do collect.

Similarly, being good or bad is independent of religion. Religion does not produce good or bad follower.

A follower is not good or bad individual, a good or bad individual is a follower.