God’s Notice

God Is Back
Oh my guys! Good life to all of you!

This is God. Now your friend is standing just an email away from you guys.

“I am omnipotent. Without my consent, what is a leaf when the mosquito sitting on it even the amoeba sitting on that mosquito’s right eye can’t move. If I want, can change night in to day and day in to a disco-night. I am omnipresent, omniscient know your credit card number also, just joking actually not joking.”

Guys, you do think about me like this & much more I know & keep expressing these sacred, hearty, innocent feelings days & nights at my various residences like ‘Guru-dwara’, ‘Church’, ‘Mosque’ , ‘Temple’ & other. I am overwhelmed. Sometimes, this praise is very embarrassing also.

Well, now a days, I wish I had made a day of 60 hours means six days per day or one week work in a day. You guys have made your life helluva hectic, sleep seems an unaffordable luxury. You do feel need of another person who can sleep for you, eat for you & bathe for you so that you can work & work only to live in this cut throat competitive world.

This has directly impacted my life in a very hard way for managing this highly chaotic Earth now.

Consequently, for the past few years, I am very busy on my other unit. You guys are busy in increasing population (celibates or those having small family, please ignore) without thinking once about me, don’t ever think how much load it does put on me & how would I manage the life of these newly formed lives everyday.

Anyways, as parents do ignore all the notorious acts of their children, I too will have to do that, after all I am God. Hence, I have been establishing an Earth like inhabitable planet which will start working soon to accommodate Earth’s extra load. But it doesn’t mean you keep deploying your DNA ‘s representative every other year.

Jokes apart, you guys often complaint for my delayed reply or reaching always late at the site, if ever. Believe me friends; I am not Hindi movies’ police.

The communication service between me & you has been ‘Tele-pathy’ only since ages. This service is neither GSM, CDMA nor does it require any SIM chip, Mobile handset. No monthly rental, no monthly usage charge, nothing, absolutely maintenance free service.

It’s a user friendly service where you guys don’t have to do much to contact me. You don’t even have to visit my residence for establishing a fast connection. You are supposed to, just put your hand on heart, close your eyes & while visualizing your parents before me, recite the problem in detail heartily. It does establish a link between you & me instantly.

But, now a days, connection is not happening. I keep waiting to hear you but in vain. Reasons being, first, you guys have not been following the protocol perfectly. Since, parents are not visualized at all, so your source code is not found, results production of unidentifiable signals reach me like an addresser- less letter if ever.

Second, signals are damn weak, mainly consisted of greed, jealousy, hatred, conspiracy, vengeance, rivalry therefore die in the way.

So, now you guys can understand, fault is not fully mine.

To avoid all these Tele-pathic hassles, I am starting written communication service via e-mail :askgod@brokenhearthelpline.com

Just write me an e-mail directly, freely & I would answer you guys at the right time.

Good life!


Disclaimer: The God here is actually a fictitious character. Any resemblance to any Deity, person living or dead is purely co-incidental. Every kind of expressed views, description and instance don’t intent to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect or religion & don’t claim to be the views of real God at all. This website is meant for ‘serving people’ only.

E-mail To God

E-mail-1: God, although, my facebook's friend-list is filled with 650 friends but I find my life empty .Everyone seems stranger in friend's disguise. Day & night chatting on internet has fed me up,now everything seems fake & drawing. I do always remain on-line on my blackberry but off-track from life without merry. What do I do, please help.

Charu, 28 years, unmarried
Software professional

From God’s desk

Charu dear, first of all, I bow to your facebook with folded hands in lotus position. Friends must be in life not list. Today, there is a kind of rat-race, a competition among people to have the maximum number of friends in list & the number determines how much one is flamboyant & wanted.

They all are not friends infact most of them are not even acquaintances, I am 100% sure, to 80% of your total friends, you must have not met ever & there will not be any possibility to meet in future too.

Friend is that person who stands besides you in need, do you really think 65 out 650 will be there for you in need? Perhaps ‘no’.

If you have even one real friend who is always with you in dark & night “You should consider yourself lucky”.

So, first of all, identify one such real friend among all these acquaintances & test that friend whether deserves to connect or just be on ‘net’ like others. My friend, don’t be online 24X7. Internet is to be used by you but I suspect exactly its opposite happening. A privacy is imperative for a pleasurable life. Give your life its due, lady.

Do develop your any hobby to that level where it transforms in to a talent whose shine attracts people outside there too. Though, Its your private matter but I can’t resist myself thanks to my old habit, get married asap then will say” God, sorry, now I am not able to spare time to e-mail you even.”

28th is a beautiful age for marriage. Do it & yeah, don’t forget to give me invitation-card. Usually people do get my photo, name, slogan printed on the top of their cards but keep me in the bottom of invites & forget to invite me eventually. That time, you will get the worth of your hard work in making this long friend-list for years.

Invite everyone, but I know, you will send them e-cards & they will revert you back e-wishes.

Anyway, hope to see you soon as a beautiful bride. I will definitely come in your marriage provided a good filled dinner plate be put exclusively for me in seclusion. I will come & eat that. That’s my head-ache.

Good bye!


E-mail-2: God, why did it happen with me only? Why do only I get targeted every time with out any fault? This is unfair. Tell me, why?

Akhilesh, 23 years, Student pursuing PhD.

From God’s desk

Dr.Akhilesh, my friend not Akhilesh. Feel what you want to become. Visualize yourself that you have become what you want to be. Start seeing yourself first what you want others to see.

Now let’s come to your question.

You will be surprised to hear that almost everyone has asked me this question at some point of life. I do get blamed for same , in complaint’s disguise, by millions every week, that confirms two things, first, you are not the only one who is being targeted every time with out any fault & second,
I, God, am not efficient.

And you guys are not wrong if blame me for this when Presidents, P.Ms Kings, Managing Directors, CEOs, Artists, Superstars, Athletes, Players… do blame me time to time according to their career graph respectively, What is your fault then.

I don’t know what should I give them more after making them such celebrities so that they spare me. You tell me, can all football team win world cup in the same year? No. Now tell me how can I make everyone happy only 11 players will be the winners eventually out of hundreds. Why didn’t you guys make such a game where every team could win world cup simultaneously.

Anyway, Just think once, Why would I do this partiality for by giving so much to one & nothing to another. Everyone is as much lovable to me as other so are you. No one has done me a favour & you have not hurt me ever. 

Today, I reveal you a very interesting fact ‘I can’t fulfill anybody’s wish anymore.’ Shocking? It must be. Ages back, I could but now I have relinquished that after contemplating on this issue very carefully while considering all the pros & cons.

Reason being first number of aspirations & second is the nature of aspirations.

Earlier, human being would ask for less & work more with in decorum but today human being asks more, doesn’t want to work &, aspirations are influenced with jealousy, competition & mal-intention driven which is very shameful so I decided to shut this department off eventually. This job was damn hectic, confusing & dissatisfactory.

Believe me, today a mother doesn’t ask me to make his son intelligent but to get his competitor failed, a couple doesn’t wish to have a good life but to make their neighbor’s life hell, boys are depressed after seeing that beautiful girl with their best friend & pray to make him single like themselves.

The gist is, nowadays, people’s wishes are regulated not by intention to remove their deprivation infact to make others deprived.

Just observe, now a days people have begun visiting my different houses ‘Temple, Mosque, Guru-dwara, Church & numerous others so often with loads of desires in mind but mostly are not fulfilled.

Did you ever notice that? Did you?

Actually, neither I am accepting nor rejecting wishes. Whether these are getting fulfilled or not is purely based on ones own luck & efforts only. So asking me is complete waste of time, money & moreover energy.

I have taken calmer job that is of a ‘Tutor’ or you can say ‘Guide’. Every life is absolutely unique, evolves on this planet ‘Earth’ with its own sweet & bitter phases inevitably.

If you are wishing to have a life like of some individuals, you will be shocked to know millions are wishing just to have a life like yours.

Each individual does have equal probability to improve his life to any level by his sheer perseverance & dedicated endeavors. But the size of your goal determines the size & number of obstacles to achieve that. I mean it.

Just check out history for a while, almost every pioneer was unfortunate, helpless & fragile more than you until he/she attained a level by indomitable grit, determination & belief in him/herself. Whether its Lincoln, Muhmmad Ali, Bruce lee, Sylvester Stallone, Jim Carrey, Nicole kidman, Rajnikant, Johny lever, Javed Akhtar, Mithun Chakaraborty, Gulzar & A.R Rehman,

Bigger the obstacle, huge is the achievement.

These tough times are like those examination- preparation days which are although nerve-wrecking but once the result is out, everything seems paid off. So, these bitter phases are to develop that customized talent, maturity & power required for your goal-accomplishment, specifically in future.

See, one gets a job only when secures essential degree accompanied with experience in that particular field. These setbacks, tough phases award you that ‘experience’ while power & skills you develop while overcoming these obstacles consistently are the ‘degree’. Once these are achieved, you are ready to rule.

Now, you must be thinking what is my role in all this. Bro, I am a tutor, supposed to teach you guys, all the indispensable fundamentals of life at micro-level so that one can crack any big question, dilemma irrespective of its complexity & uncertainty.

Let’s say if life is a car whose fuel is money then I want to make you that car- engineer who can open & fix any fault of all car-engines rather only your own model specifically. And all these tips are written at amoebic level in my biographies like Bhagwat gita, Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib which people just read & forget instead of imbibing & practicing them.

Tell me Akhilesh, do you have any vision or plan to improve your life? 

If not, first have it & start working on it from scratch. The moment one starts working, I mean stepping first step on his success path, my job starts to open the first door, if he crosses that then second. He might get tired of crossing the doors but I will not be of opening next door. But problem is you guys do splurge your driving force & energy in brooding only rather in mapping a way towards your altitude.

One thing I can guarantee you is “if one is focused for his goal with utmost sincerity & serenity, goal begins focusing on him too. Goal itself is in extensive search of a deserving achiever to come in to existence. A goal is nothing until lying unachieved. So help it.

Hope to hear you soon.

Good Luck!


E-mail-3: God, why don't You come up openly always remain hidden behind curtains in spite of knowing that we all love, respect You so much? What is that which scares You to be seen ever, today You will have to tell us.

Rakesh, 30 years, shopkeeper

From God’s desk

Rakesh my buddy, Who else I am afraid of except you guys. I know, if I ever come down in front of any one, I won’t be able to recognize myself in the mirror next day.

Anyways, Jokes apart, so many indispensable wishes of yours which I couldn’t fulfill ever, I regret for that. Actually, you guys didn’t lack in dedication, only I lacked at my part.

It’s not like that I didn’t want to fulfill all of them infact once I did that. “Everyone’s all wishes are fulfilled, what ever one wants must get right now.”

But as I did that, It created a big mess with in an hour my friend. Let me give you an example. Two boys were behind my life to win their girlfriends hearts respectively. Since, both were infectiously honest & kind hearted, I ordered for making their wishes be come true having known that their love is one-sided. And my buddy, that was the blunder of my this incarnation.

One boy was Indian & another from Pakistan. Despite being thousands miles away, poor boys loved the same girl from Bangladesh who would love a Sri-lankan boy to worsen the situation further. So they both remained empty-handed while girl fled to Sri-lanka. This internet, chatting & all have really entangled the lives down on earth & my job above.

So my dear, I became helpless. Same thing is asked by more than one, sometimes by hundreds even thousands. What could have I done that. People do visit day & night my houses whether it’s Mosque, Temple, Church, Guru-dwara & others. Each one of you is part of my heart, my baby. So I can’t bring smile on ones face at the cost of tears in others eyes. That’s why, I have put the ‘wishes-fulfillment’ department ‘out of service’ until come up with a solution.

Now, lets come to your second complaint that why I don’t become visible.

I always remain confused which form should I come down in. Some calls me “ISHWAR, some ALLAH, some WAHE-GURU, some JESUS & innumerable other names, I have been given by my billions of children with love. Thank You my Children!

Once I decided to meet everyone in whatever form they visualize me in, individually to each human being as per his/her perception, belief & religion respectively. I was about to do so suddenly a thought struck my mind & save my only pair of clothes at the last minute.

Everyone believes quite adamantly that the form he sees me in is the only form of mine & rest is all untrue, humbug & mere imagination of others, which is absolutely wrong. 

Now you tell me, how do I come down & get everyone in to a tussle for nothing. If come down & appear as “Bhagwan, Allah, Wahe-Guru, Jesus & other forms individually simultaneously, then each religion’s myth will be strengthened that they are right, rest are wrong which will transform this beautiful world in to a big never-ending battle-field on this trivial issue.

None of you is ready to accept other’s perception for me. Until, I come openly, every pious at least remains somewhere confused that others might be right too which is good for the harmony & peace.

This is the only reason I have not been able to hug you my child till date openly.

There is a solution, either you all make a general consent that GOD exists in this particular form & shape only or every religion continues to be worshipping its own God but must acknowledge others’ God’s perception with equal respect & humility then I will come down as per perceptions. No issues to me.

When it’s done send me an e-mail. But nevertheless, whenever it goes irresistible, I do visit secretly to my those unconditional lovers who do give this promise in advance that they wouldn’t disclose it ever to anyone to avoid any hassle.

I would visit you one day for sure when time comes, it’s my gentle-god promise, till then, e-mail is the only correspondence medium.

Bye Dost