May ‘I’ serve you is committed to serve every human being in this world, suffering from whatsoever reasons & not being able to get help from anywhere.

                                        It is a FREE service based on 'No loss no profit' concept.

1. Why is helping for?

“Well, is actually not helping anyone but itself. Its founder himself has been in tremendous prolonged pain at very tender age for more than a decade. And those who have been in such pathetic condition ever know very well how you look up to every damn face with false hope for any help but for further comments, lessons & humiliation only. The founder too faced the same every day & kept drifting down in to more severe depression.
“Had I got someone like, I won’t have to pay such hefty price. Ever since, I decided that nobody will have to suffer like me.
So, by helping you, I actually help myself to realize my dream. May I serve you?” says Founder

2. Which kingdom we sufferers are asking for if we just want a friend who can hear us, whom we can share our pain with when ever we want?

“Friends, is your that ‘Pain friend’ whom you can share your pain with as a true confidant. It will cost you two invaluable things only; your time & honesty.
I might sound cynical but this world is full of inconsiderate human machines loaded with ‘Selfish software’ specifically & is programmed to earn money only. Anyways, what you have to do is share your pain with your ‘Pain friend’ everyday without fail.
Send me your pain at ‘’. If pain is spiritual then please do write to God at ‘” says Pain friend.

3. What is our fault in our suffering? Is it our fault if we are losing at every front even after trying so hard? Why does this world discard us so rudely?

“FAULT ? Not at all. Pain & ecstasy are temporary phases of life independent of one’s abilities & efforts. Infact, this world must be thankful to you. Millions of people owe their money & happiness to you. Because, if you guys had not been deprived of all this, they won’t have had that much to rejoice. They have got what you have not.
Not only this, your extreme lives are the live-lessons for all of them to boost their morale up in lean phase if ever. Some such live-lessons are available at Celebrating life” says

This world doesn’t discard us; we are discarded by only those who have still not had their heart crushed in between life’s teeth yet.

4. How long does it take to come out of a chronic pain?

“See, every human being is unique so does have absolutely unique emotional quotient (EQ). E.Q is a measurement of a person's ability to monitor his or her emotions, to cope with pressures and demands, and to control his or her thoughts and actions.
Coming out of a pain (acute or chronic) for an individual depends upon various factors like EQ, Family support, Friend-support, & most importantly his own ‘Will’ to reject that pain. Thus it might take some days, months & sometimes years too.

So, no matter what EQ & support system you are blessed with, if you have a strong ‘Will’ to reject that pain forever, I, your Pain friend will help you to come out of its trap forever. Together, we can & we will do it.” says Pain friend.

5. Is it enough to communicate with e-mail only for Pain removal?

“Well, it depends upon the intensity of pain & E.Q of that particular sufferer.’s protocol is divided in to 4 steps-hierarchy used for this ‘Catharsis’ as per the requirement determined solely by its discretion & runs on “No loss no profit” principle:

1. Everyday e-mail communication 
2. Skype-chat session
3. One to one phone communication & 
4. Personal interaction ” says


Friends, your relationship with is not temporary but life time. It’s not limited to pain-removal only. It’s to win over this world. wants to make a ‘battalion of pain-killers’ who not only get insulated of pain, can kill others pain as well.”