1. Your intention is as beautiful as your website. Kudos to you Pain friend!

    Atul Tiwari

  2. "It is very, very illuminating, particularly your insights about the root cause of a pain."

    Alice Preara

  3. “Dealing with a break-up kills every moment. But the way, you always stood besides me is amazing. I never felt, I am talking to a professional but a friend, my pain friend.”

    Pressy clan

  4. What is God, I had been read & inserted with. But what God actually is, I guess, I have developed my own notions very first time after being with you. God, sorry, I abused you so much.

    Aniket sawant

  5. I could never have thought about a helpline like this ever in today’s professionalism. The USP of your helpline is others give but their payment-mode-details, while you take but our pain.

    Celine kiosy

  6. Simply a personal touch. Truly feels as have found a friend. You are my “Pain friend” for ever.Thank you!